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* This fashion event is for men and women so each designer MUST create a minimum of 2 exclusives related to rock attitude (1 item for men and 1 item for women, excepted the stores with only men or women creation so that will be 2 women item or 2 men item ). You will be able to sell your exclusives in your mainstore or marketplace only after the event. 


* Each designer will have his name listed on the RAFF official blog


* Max 70 stores accepted


* No adult stores will be accepted.


* The poster must be put in the mainstore  before February 26th, if it isn't made, you will receive a first NC of warning and 3 days after the sending of this NC to put the poster otherwise you will be excluded of fair !

( If you don't have a mainstore in world, you must create a pick in your profile about the event )


* No recolored items or something you already released before for the 2 exclusives.


* you MUST have the group * HUNT MADNESS Designer *, if you didn't receive it with the welcome pack you MUST contact cagalli tokyoska


* You will respect the dates of the planned date

Designer Application

By sending this application you assure to have read BEFORE rules, to be sure to participate and to respect the planned dates !
Don't hesitate to contact cagalli tokyoska inworld for questions ( or email : cagalli997@gmail.com )


▨ ░Applications for simple designer must be submitted until FEBRUARY 25, 2014░ ▨




Simple Designer 


Large Stall - 3750 Lindens - 150 Prims

Medium Stall is 2500 Lindens -100 Prims

Small Stall -1250 Lindens -50 Prims



• Fill out this form and send us only if you are sure that will participate the event ROCK ATTITUDE FASHION FAIR 2014.


Copy and paste the below information to the body of the note card and fill it out. Applications that are not complete will not be considered and deleted. When application is completed, rename it :

( RAFF 2014 / Store Name ) and send it to cagalli tokyoska inworld


▨  Store Name: 

▨  Designer|Owner Name: 

▨  Contact (optional - for other designer or co-owner): 


▨ To send the group of the event to:


▨ Logo (attach it here): 

▨ Landmark: 

▨ URL store: 


▨ Flickr (optional): 

▨ Blog (optional):

▨ Email: 

▨ Prims : 

▨ I read and accept the rules [ YES or NO ] ( we will contact you only if you write YES ) : 

▨ Comments : 



▨ ░Applications for simple designer must be submitted until FEBRUARY 25, 2014░ ▨


You will receive welcome pack, blog and admission NC with rules.


If you have questions don't hesitate to contact cagalli tokyoska ^^

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